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King Size Mattress: Different Types

Buying a king size mattress is no longer as simple as going to Bed, Bath & Beyond, lying down on one for about a minute or two, paying for it, and waiting for its delivery. Topday, we are inundated with choices, and if it's a king size mattress you have in mind, then your next step would be to choose the type.

The first type of king size mattress we'll look into is the polyurethane foam mattress. If you're plain and simple after the monstrosity of a king size mattress, then you could do with a polyurethane foam mattress if you're on a very tight budget.

These mattresses are extreemely cheap, so they're perfect for when you're staying at an apartment you don't intend to stay in for a long time. If it's time to move, you can leave the cheap foam mattress with your landlord.

An air mattress is a swell choice for bachelors who want a king size mattress but can't really afford the space for it. After a sleepover with friends, you can easily deflate it and store it in a cabinet for future use.

The downside to air mattresses is that you often get an uneven sleep, can be bothered from your sleep with every movement made by your companion, and it's prone to punctures. It's terribly difficult to look for a hole in an air mattress. Most people with this problem simply give up on repairing it and buy anything other than an air mattress.

A king size mattress that's actually also a water bed is a blast from the past. Water beds were vogue in the '70s and it's still a puzzle how light sleepers could manage to have a restful sleep in them. These are not recommended for daily use, or if you have a lot of kids jumping up on you on Sunday mornings.

A king size mattress made from latex can be quite durable and is also hypoallergenic. They're made of densely packed foam and can be highly sensitive to heat. If you plan to use one as your king size mattress, expect to have it around for up to 25 years. They're that durable. However, they'll also make a large dent on your budget.

Care for a king size mattress made from memory foam? The so-called memory foam is touted as a product using revolutionary NASA technology in providing a more restful sleep to its users.

Memory foam is manufactured from polyurethane and other chemicals thgat work together to increase its density and viscosity level. This product tends to be firm during cold weather and softer when it's warm. The denser types of foam work by reacting to body heat - the result is they mold around the shape of a body after a few minutes.

Less dense memory foam, on the other hand, is more sensitive to pressure and molds within a shorter period.

There's also a pocket-spring king size mattress, which is made of springs that rest in their own cloth pockets. These springs respond independently of one another as a weight is placed on the bed. This innovation comes with ahefty price tag, though.

Finally, you can opt for a continuous-spring king size mattress, made of springs formed from a single wire length. This will turn out cheaper than a pocket-spring king size mattress but isn't too efficient with weight distribution.

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