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King size mattress
king size mattress king size size mattress

king-size mattress

King Size Mattress Buying Tips

If you're a bachelor in the market for a king size bed, that can mean one thing - you want to have a lot of space when you're sleeping and be as comfortable as possible. A king size mattress can be very costly, but if carefully chosen can last for many years.

And if you believe that you're the type who'll pay anything to get the best king size mattress around, then read on and pick up some wise advice on purchasing one.

The Better Sleep Council (BSC), a nonprofit organization based in Virginia and supported by folks over at the mattress industry, admonish people to change their mattresses every 8-10 years as they tend to lose their original quality over that period.

This is why when you're shopping for a king size mattress, make sure they'll be 8-10 of the most comfortable years you'll ever have. You would want to get your money's worth, and if you shop in haste, you might not end up with the king size mattress of your dreams.

Here are BSC's tips for getting the right king size mattress:

Evaluate what you have now to know if you really need a new one. Unlike shoes or clothes which can obviously show signs of wear and tear, they say that it's quite difficult to determine whether it's time to let go of your old king size mattress. It would be helpful to know these indicators:

Your body aches all over or in certain places when you wake up; you can feel lumps and bumps on your mattress, signs that it's already overused; you get to sleep much more comfortably in someone else's bed; and your current king size mattress is already about 5-7 years old or more.

Of course, these aren't exact indices - well, at least the last one. That would highly depend on the quality of your mattress. If it was bought cheap, chances are they'll only last you 2-3 years.

Their next tip is to arm yourself with all the data you'll need in choosing the right king size mattress. Read on all the new king size mattress trends, such as tempur-pedic features or pillowtop mattresses. After considering your options, it's time to troop to the dealer and have a first-hand inspection of their products.

The most popular kind of mattresses use coils in various ways and patterns. If you want a spring-type king size mattress, make sure you purchase products from a dependable manufacturing company.

You can also get a king-size mattress made of foam, which is made up of either a single piece or several layers put together. A king size mattress made of polyurethane foam is the most affordable while those made of latex and memory forms are on the high end.

You can find various materials for your king-size mattress. You can even take a trip back to the past with a water bed, or perhaps choose something you can store in a cabinet when it's not in use - an air mattress.

After arming yourself with information, it's time to shop for a new king-size mattress. Check their warranties and base your decisions not just on price but also on the length of the warranties they offer. Dependable companies invariably give longer warranties on their a king size mattress you'll purchase from them.

king-size mattress
King size mattress king size mattress king size
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